About Innofron

Innofron is an independent software development company building software solutions for small and medium sized companies.

With its roots in the Industrial Automation and Embedded Software Innofron can support and/or develop solutions in the following fields:

  • Industrial Automation (Assembly Machines, Robotics, Warehousing/Logistics)
  • PLC programming (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Modicon)
  • Embedded Software Development (Assembly Language, C, Object Oriented Languages ┬álike ┬áJava, Objective-C, JavaScript, jQuery and several Frameworks/Plugins like Bootstrap, DataTables etc)
  • Mobile App Development (Apple iOS, Android)
  • Website Development (including PHP, mySQL, Oracle)
  • Project Management

If you are interested in the services from Innofron please leave a comment on this website or e-mail directly to ron.hendriks@innofron.nl

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