Innofron is an independent software development company building software solutions for small and medium sized companies.

With its roots in the Industrial Automation and Embedded Software Innofron can support and/or develop solutions in the following fields:

  • Industrial Automation (Assembly Machines, Robotics, Warehousing/Logistics)
  • PLC programming (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Modicon)
  • Embedded Software Development (Assembly Language, C, Object Oriented Languages ┬álike ┬áJava, Objective-C, JavaScript, jQuery and several Frameworks/Plugins like Bootstrap, DataTables etc)
  • Mobile App Development (Apple iOS, Android)
  • Website Development (including PHP, mySQL, Oracle)
  • Project Management

If you are interested in the services from Innofron please leave a comment on this website or e-mail directly to [email protected]

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