SmartMo Crusher (for iPhone)



The goal of the Game is to earn as many points as possible before you add a seventh Cube to one of the Columns, which will end the game and add your score to the gameCenter.

When the game starts you will see in the topleft corner a target number, which is the sum of the target you need to combine with the cubes already in the game together with the falling cube.

Example: cube with Number 3 is already somewhere on the bottom line, your target is 11 and the falling Cube is 8.








You now need to position the falling cube 8 above the cube 3 by tapping on the left or right side of the screen. When the cube 8 hits the cube 3 you will receive points depending on two parameters. One is the difficulty level (falling Speed of the cube) which you can set in the settings menu and the other one is depending on the number of cubes involved in the reaching of the target sum, e.g. if you build the target with 3
cubes the outcome will be multiplied with three. If you build the total with fout cubes the outcome will be multiplied by four.

Have FunĀ  !!!! “;










The settings field is very simple (default speed is 10).

The default speed 10 is also a multiplier for the received points. e.g When you crush the target 11 with two cubes you receive 11(target) x 2(cubes)x 10(speed) = 220 points.
When you increase the speed and thereby the difficulty level of the game you can multiply with a large number. Also the number of cubes you use to reach the target is influencing the total number of points. e.g When you reach the target 15 with three Cubes the calculation will be : 15(target) x 3(cubes) x 20(speed = 900 points.