MusicMo Icon 300x300Dear reader,
As of Wednesday the 29th the latest App from Innofron can be downloaded for free.
The content of the App has slightly changed due to the fact that I could not get permission to publish the snapshot of the lyrics.
Although I had a “non-commercial” ┬álicence from musiXmatch, the Apple App Store is considered to be a commercial platform, which is the reason why i can not publish the song lyrics.

It’s too bad, but I still hope ┬áthe content provided is still OK and provides reading material to accompany the song.
The content provided today is from the opensource databases from Gracenote and (Mobile) Wikipedia.

The App uses your microphone to sample the song data and provides Artist, Track title, Album, Release year, Biography, Album artwork and Mobile WikiData.

After pressing the microphone button to get the song and artist data you will see an activity picture as long as the data is retrieved. After the Album Artist, Track Title, Album Title, Release Date and Biography are displayed the additional Artist data from Wikipedia will be displayed.

When no match can be found the Album Artist name will be: No Match

I hope you enjoy !

Ron Hendriks